Learn to read music


Are you a beginner musician, or thinking about playing great music again? Then Note Tutor is for you.  Basic music theory is presented in a fun, flash-card game format, enabling you to memorize the basics you need to read music quickly and effectively, wherever you are.

Note Tutor randomly presents notes from 4 full octaves, allowing you to practice the quick identification of note names (A through G).

Note Tutor tracks how many notes you get right, and measures how long it takes you to identify each note correctly. This helps you to improve both your speed and your accuracy.

Simple, yet highly configurable:

  1. Learn basic note recognition in a fun, flash-card game format. Master the basics quickly and easily, without fuss.

  2. Choose whether to practice the treble clef, the bass clef, or both!

  3. Select the note range you want to practice, from as little as a third, to 4 full octaves.

  4. Practice any of the 15 major keys, or get a random number of sharp or flat signs displayed, within a preselected range.

  5. Practice recognizing the key signature names

  6. Choose either the net number of correct notes identified, or else the notes per minute (in this mode time is accurately measured from the time the note is displayed, until the note is correctly identified, for every note).

Practice your sight reading effortlessly